Ons visie is een cryptocurrency-wereld die stabiel en vrij van manipulaties is.


Gedreven Door De Gemeenschap

We komen samen als een gemeenschap en vertrouwen elkaar met onze regels om pump en dumps te voorkomen.


Veilig & Betrouwbaar

Geen rug pulls en pump and dumps mogelijk! Liquidity pool is gesloten voor vijf jaar, terwijl team wallet voor een periode van één jaar gesloten is.


Automatische LP

Elke transactie draagt 8% aan bij de PancakeSwap Luiqidity Pool.


Automatische Verbranding

Elke transactie verbrandt 2% van de verwisselde tokens.



Smart Contracts, Locks, and Transparency

ePara is a smart contract stored on Binance Smart Chain. Smart contracts in blockchains are non-editable software and their source code can be read by everyone [1].
All transfer transactions performed in smart contracts are accessible to everyone [2] and the amount of tokens held by all wallet addresses can be monitored [3].
While key mechanisms can be produced with these smart contracts, it is possible for wallet owners to lock their tokens for a certain period of time.
When the ePara project was initiated, 90,000,000,000,000 ePara and 1.4 BNB, which is 90% of the total amount of generated and fixed amount of ePara with smart contract codes, were added to the liquidity pool to be distributed [4], and people were allowed to exchange ePara in exchange for BNB and BNB in exchange for ePara. Later, with the increasing market value caused by the swaps, some of the eParas in the pool were waited until 1.4 BNB and this amount was withdrawn from the liquidity pool and returned to the project owner. The remaining amount in the liquidity pool has been locked for 5 years so that it cannot be touched by anyone including the project owner [5]. Outside of the liquidity pool, an average of 30% token that the project owner still has access to was locked for 1 year and was locked to distribute 1% at 100 equal different times [6]. This distribution is reserved for the project owner and his teammates for advertising and other expenses so that they can take the project faster and further. If the project founder and his teammates do not use this distribution as mentioned, the community has been made possible to see this in time and to devalue the eParas that are distributed with a common equality of opinion.

Automatic Incineration and Liquidity Pool Contribution

In every wallet transfer, 8% of the amount that needs to be delivered to the buyer is sent to the liquidity pool and 2% is burned not to be used again.
These contributions are considered to strengthen the tokenomy and to make the market more balanced.
In addition, this idea is that it will evaluate people as they hold ePara and therefore create an arbitrage resistance mechanism that will protect the volume of ePara.
Those percentages will decrease in time depending market status.

Transfer Limits

Each transaction between wallets (including swaps from the liquidation pool) is limited to a maximum of 100,000,000,000 ePara.
Since the BNB value corresponding to this amount can move up or down with the market, it is aimed to create a buy / sell balance. For example, while the amount that can be bought at one time can be a maximum of 1 BNB, it is possible for the market to decline to 0.5 BNB levels with the fall of the market and slow the sales, so it is possible to protect the market. This amount, which increases with the same rate, makes it easier to make larger purchases.
In addition, this limitation is intended to protect the market manipulations for a long time, including the early stages of ePara.
For example, sudden large buying and selling movements of large-volume wallets in other crypto assets drive the market into chaos and create a buying / selling trend in people. ePara aims to prevent this.

Our Aim

We think decentralized currencies have a shortcoming; rules of conduct!
When people form a community, they face internal problems and over time, they set up rules for themselves to protect this and protect them with central authorities. But this does not work the same way in decentralized currencies, but it is possible to impose fixed rules on people's movements without central authority.
We aim for the market to remain free from manipulations and to balance itself.
In this direction, we aim to establish our own decentralized main or sub-network in the future and to share the balance rules of the network with smart contracts on this network.
We want a cryptocurrency world that is more stable and free from manipulations!

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Initial Supply 100,000,000,000,000
Total Supply
PancakeSwap LP
Maximum Buy/Sell For Each TX
Decimals 8
LP Lock 5 years
Team Wallet Lock (For our advertising etc. and bills.) 1 year

How to buy?

Contract Adres:
Maximum buy/sell limit for each transaction is

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